About Seasonal Chef

This web site has been online since 1995, way back in the day when I was just figuring out what the Internet was all about. It was a successor to a print newsletter called Farmers Market Monthly that I published for more than a year when I was living in Los Angeles and was fascinated by the region’s fabulous farmers markets, which were just beginning to take off. The newsletter won some modest critical acclaim, in publications including the Los Angeles Times, but it practically cost me the shirt off my back. So I move it off of paper, into the new realm of  cyberspace where it has resided ever since. At first, the web site  was called marketreport.com, focusing on the farmers market reporting I do. But I sold that domain name around the year 2000 and snagged the current domain, which is well suited for this site, given my interest in interviewing and profiling chefs who are part of the burgeoning farm-to-table phenomenon.

These days, I lived most of the time in Philadelphia, but spend several months of the year back in the Los Angeles area and traveling hither and thither. In addition to maintaining this site, I have begun to publish books about culinary history, starting with Vintage California Cuisine, through an imprint I have called Seasonal Chef Press. I have also written a book, called American Character, about Charles Lummis, a flamboyant Indian rights gadfly who lived in California and the Southwest from the 1880s until his death in 1928. And to help pay the bills, I do legal writing and editing, which allows me to put my law degree to use.

– Mark Thompson