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Market Report
Santa Monica, Calif.
Wednesday Feb. 5, 2003

The Market:
Santa Monica Farmers Market
Santa Monica, Calif.
Arizona & 3rd Street
9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Market-Goer: Mark Thompson, publisher of this Web site


What I Bought:

tangelos, avocados, mandarins

In a normal year, I would wait another month or so before starting to buy strawberries.  But after one of the warmest, driest Januarys on record in Southern California, I figured that the berries must be ahead of schedule, and I was right.  They aren't as good as they will be in May, but these were very sweet and fruity for this early in the year.  These are seconds, hence the low price.  Top quality berries in the market today ranged from $6 to $10 per three-pack.

Price: $5/three-pack
$2/lb. for tangelos
$2.50/lb. for mandarins

Rappini/broccoli rabe (top),
snow peas, baby broccoli (bottom)

My favorite winter green, rappini, is now widely available in the market.  I chop it up and saute it in olive oil and garlic, toss in some raisins and toasted pine nuts, and finish it off with a couple tablespoons of balsamic vinegar.  That recipe takes about 5 minutes.  Even my finicky teenaged daughters love it.

Price: $2/bunch for rappini
$2/lb. snow peas
$4/lb. baby broccoli

giant red radishes, Tokyo turnips, giant carrots and two colors of beets (clockwise from top left)

Price: $1/bunch for radishes and turnips; $1.25/bunch for carrots; $1.50/bunch for beets

Three kinds of lettuce

Price: $1/each or $2.50/three

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