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Market Report
Hollywood, Calif.
Sun., Sept. 8, 2001

The Market:
Hollywood Farmers Market
Hollywood, Calif.
Ivar Ave. south of Hollywood Blvd.
Sunday, 8:30 a.m. to 1p.m.

Marketgoer: Mark Thompson, publisher of this Web site


What I Bought:

Summer Squach, Eggplants

The green summer squash (second from left) is a Costa Romanesca, a 500-year-old Italian heirloom.  The farmer who sold this to me confidently proclaimed it the best zucchini on earth.  The flesh is much denser than that of a conventional zucchini, as I discovered when I halved this and sauted it in olive oil, salt and pepper, as I usually do with zucchini, only to discover that I needed to cook it for twice as long as usual..

Price: $1.50/lb for squash; $2/lb. for eggplant

Pears (back row) and Apples (front row0, multiple varieties

Price: $1/lb.

Indian Blood Peaches

These peaches not only have a distinctive color, they have a taste all their own.

Price: $2/lb.


This is an oddball fruit that seems to be building a following in Southern California.  Several years ago, one or at most two vendors at the major markets would carry them in the fall.  Today, three or four growers were selling jujubes at the Hollywood market.  I bought the large ones at one stand and the small ones at another. Read more about jujubes.

Price: $2/lb.

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