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Market Report
Santa Monica, Calif.
Wednesday Sept. 4, 2003

The Market:
Santa Monica Farmers Market
Santa Monica, Calif.
Arizona & 3rd Street
9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Market-Goer: Mark Thompson, publisher of this Web site


What I Bought:

Assorted heirloom peppers and tomatoes

I could probably find a couple dozen varieties of peppers in the market today, and more than a dozen varieties of tomatoes.  Here are three varieties of each (including one of my favorite varieties of sweet pepper, the triangular Lipstick).

Price: peppers for $1.50/lb.
heirloom tomatoes for $1.50-$3/lb.
hybrid tomatoes for $1-2/lb.

Peaches and three varieties of grapes

Price: grapes for $1.25/lb.
peaches for $1.50-2/lb.

Assorted apples (back) and Asian pears

The large Fuji apples (one of which appears in the upper left corner of the photo) from Briar Patch Farm near Visalia, Calif., are among the best in the market, in my opinion.  And the Sea Canyon stand has an unsurpassed number of varieties, from a uniquely aligned canyon just south of San Luis Obispo, conveniently lined up in boxes on the table from tart to sweet.

Price: Sea Canyon apples for $1.50/lb
Briar Patch apples and Asian pears, $5/5 lbs.

Chestnuts (back) and jujubes

Chestnuts are relatively rare in Southern California farmers markets.  Jujubes used to be but are becoming more prevalent each year.  One farm that sells them to the multi-ethnic crowds thronging the Santa Monica market has a sign naming them in six or eight languages, from Arabic to Hindi to Chinese.  When I bought these, two ladies were purchases overstuffed bags of jujubes, one of whom appeared to be Middle Eastern, the other Chinese.

Price: chestnuts and jujubes for $6/lb.

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