Capital City Farmers Market, Montpelier, Vermont

Saturday, Aug. 14, 2010

produce on river
market purchases photographed on a bridge over the Winooski River east of Montpelier

farmers market in Montpelier, Vermont

The Capital City Farmers Market has been in operation, in its present incarnation, for more than 30 years. Each Saturday from spring through fall, more than 40 vendors sell their goods at the market.

“In order to provide a complete marketplace for the consumer,” vendors selling prepared foods and crafts are interspersed among the farmers.

Though they are not required to grow their own materials, other vendors “are expected to utilize farm products,” the market’s web site declares.

As for the market’s farmers, according to the rules governing the market, “All items must originate from Central Vermont and be produced by the vendor. No items may be bought for resale at the market.”

– Mark Thompson

54 State Street
Montpelier, Vermont
Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. (May to October)
(802) 223-2958

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What I Bought

tomatoes and peppers
heirloom tomatoes, purple bell pepper (top), chanterelle mushrooms (below)
Price: $3-4/lb. for tomatoes
$16/lb. for chanterelles
$4/lb. for organic pepper

chanterelle mushrooms

eggplant and squash
eggplants (left) and assorted summer squash
Price: $2/lb. for squash
$4/lb. for organic eggplant

salad mix
salad mix (top), blueberries (bottom)
Price: $3.75/bag or salad mix
$4/pint for blueberries


bread and cheese