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Two Old Ideas for Using Peaches

A century ago both Los Angeles and San Francisco were vying for the title of culinary capital of the world, with L.A.’s boosters making their case in the Landmarks Club Cookbook and a fan of San Francisco making the plug for his favorite city in Bohemian San Francisco.

Here are dueling peach recipes from the two books, with the first recipe from the Landmarks Club Cookbook and the second (along with the recipe for zabaione) from Bohemian San Francisco.

Landmarks Club Cookbook
(Los Angeles, 1903

Bohemian San Francisco: Its Restaurants and Their Most Famous Recipes
(San Francisco, 1883)

Candied Peaches

Take 25 large peaches and let them lie in water for a little while; then remove the down by rubbing with a cloth. Stone them and put them in a kettle with two lbs granulated sugar – a layer of peaches and a layer of sugar — add one-half pint water and place on a moderate fire. When the syrup is thick, take off the fire, and put peaches and syrup together in a dish. Flatten the peaches with a wooden spoon and turn from time to time, putting them in a place where the sun will shine on them. When they are nearly dry roll in colored sugar. They will keep a long time.

Peaches a la Princesse

Halve six fine peaches, not too ripe, and place ina sauce pan with concave side up. Take one peach, peeled, and mince with a dozen macaroons, adding the yolk of an egg and half an ounce of sugar. Mix all well together and with this fill the half peaches. Moisten all with half a cup of white wine and sprinkle with sugar. Bake in a hot oven ten minutes and pour over zabaione and serve. This will make a most delicious dessert dish.


Beat together, hard, for six minutes, six eggs and four teaspoonsful of powdered sugar in a double boiler and place over a gentle fire, never ceasing to whip until the contents become stiff enough to sustain a coffee spoon upright in the middle. While whipping add three wineglassfuls of Marsala and one liqueur glass of Maraschino brandy. Pour into tall glasses or cups and serve either hot or cold.

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