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Market Report
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Feb. 14, 2009

The Market:
  Clark Park Farmers Market
43rd St. and Baltimore Ave. / map
Saturdays,  10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
(215) 568-0830

: Mark Thompson

About a dozen farms were represented at this market today, offering meats, cheeses, dried herbs and beans, processed foods and a surprisingly varied array of produce, considering that its mid-winter and the temperature in these parts was in single digits just a few weeks ago. In addition to mushrooms, root crops and storage apples, there were nearly a dozen varieties of cold-tolerant greens including spinach, arugula, Tuscan and Russian kale, chard, collard greens, cabbage and brussel sprouts. There was even romaine lettuce grown in a greenhouse. This is one of about 30 farmers markets in the Philadelphia area sponsored by The Food Trust, and one of two that are open year round.

What I Bought:

(left to right) cylindra beet, Jerusalem artichokes, and chiogga beet, turnip, parsnip, blue, red and fingerling potatoes, celeriac

Recipes: * Ten things to do with beets . . .
ranging from salads, relishes and a chutney 
to chocolate beet brownies
* A dozen ways to use parsnips
*Five things to do with celeriac

: $1.95/lb. for cylindra beets and turnips
$2.50/lb. for chiogga beet, parsnips and celeriac
$2.95/lb. for fingerling potatoes
$1.50/lb. for other potato varieties
$3/lb. Jerusalem artichokes

(clockwise from upper left) Empire, Golden Delicious, 
Cortland and Goldrush apples

Recipes: *Eight apple desserts: pie, cake, cookie, crisp, tart, muffin, bar and sauce
*Four apple preserve recipes: two chutneys, jam and butter
*Three more apple chutneys
*Apple fruit leather
*Dehydrating apples

: $1.25/lb.

acorn squash, lacinato kale

Recipes: *Seven kale recipes from around the world

Price: $3/bunch for kale
$2 for squash

licorice sticks, chestnuts

Price: $.20/each for licorice sticks
$2.25/pint of chestnuts

(clockwise from upper left) potato chips, relish, noodles, cheddar cheese, bacon

Price: $8.95/lb. for cheese
$5/lb. for bacon
$2/bag for chips
$3/bag for noodles
$3/jar relish


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