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Market Report
Andover, Mass.
Sept. 29, 2007

The Market:
Andover Farmers Market
Andover Historical Society
97 Main Street
Andover, Massachusetts
Saturdays,  noon to 3 p.m., 
July through October

: Mark Thompson

This small market, which sets up in the driveway of the local historical society for three hours each afternoon in summer, is just in its first year. But it already seems to have a strong, local following. 

Each of the three fruit and vegetable farms who were represented at the market on the sunny afternoon in early fall when I visited were doing a brisk business. A bakery was also represented at the market. And, along one side of the driveway, the historical society had a garage sale underway.

An old barn in historic Andover forms a backdrop
for a trio of winter squash

What I Bought:

Acorn, Butternut and Carnival Squash

Here's a handy run-down on all of the common varieties of winter squash, with photographs of each..

Kabocha squash soup
Baked stuffed winter squash

Price: $1.99/lb.

Three varieties of apples and Sekel pears

Eight apple desserts, including a pie, crisp and tart
Three apple chutneys
Four more apple preserves, including jam and butter

Price: $1.19/lb.

Salad Turnips

This variety is often called a Tokyo turnip, but these were labeled "salad" turnips. As that name implies, they're mild and tender enough to to eat raw, sliced in salad like a radish. My favorite way to prepare them is to halve (or quarter) them, leaving a good part of the stem attached, and saute them until browned in olive oil, salt and pepper, and some minced garlic tossed in for the last minute or so.

Price: $2/bunch

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