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Conversations about sustainable agriculture and seasonal produce with farmers, chefs, policymakers and others, including Alice Waters, Jerry Brown, Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken, and Victor Hanson. For a complete listing, and a synopsis of each interview, visit the interviews page.

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Three reports show how innovative small farmers who sell their crops directly to consumers can prosper even in an adverse climate for agriculture

USDA withdraws proposed federal organic standard that was assailed by 200,000+ critics of the effort (June 1998). USDA tries again to draft acceptable standards (Nov. 1998)..

Farmers and kids both benefit from program that supplies produce from a farmers market for a fruit and salad bar at an elementary school.

Impending federal organic regulations could be the kiss of death for organic farmers, some activists assert.

Judge rejects tough new regulations designed to combat cheating at California farmers markets.

Four In Season readers weigh in on the question of who should be in charge of farmers markets.

New location suits new Saratoga market just fine, while in Modesto, advent of a new market raises questions about whether city has too many.

While tough, new regulations are in limbo, consumers remain in the dark about cheating at farmers markets.

In a court-ordered election in Marin County, Calif., dissident farmers won a resounding victory over the existing management of one of the richest, most successful market associations in the United States.

At the Marin County market, farmers won the right to vote, but not without a fight.

Farmers markets are filling a key role in promoting 'community food security.'

Squabble at Hollywood market pits 'strong-willed' manager against farmers seeking more input.

Split opinions aired at hearing on proposed regulations to tighten loopholes on sale of produce by those who didn't grow it.

Wholesale produce seems to have taken over farmers markets in Kern County, making a mockery of the hype about direct-marketed produce.

Santa Barbara market officers believe their costly battle to prevent farmers from selling produce they didn't grow was well worth it.

San Francisco's Ferry Plaza market would move into the historic Ferry Building under a plan proposed by the market's sponsor.

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