Profiles of Food-Policy Activists and Farm-to-Table Pioneers

Jim Hightower, “America’s #1 populist,” according to his own web site, has been a vocal advocate for small farmers, and for programs that help them directly market their produce, ever since he served two terms as the elected Texas state agriculutural commissioner in the 1980s.

jim hightower
Hightower recently talked to Seasonal Chef about how the proliferation of farmers markets and the farm to table movement are creating grassroots jobs and promoting economic democracy in America.


Ivor Chodkowski, runs a farm not far from downtown Louisville, which found a comfortable niche growing specialty produce for farmers markets and restaurants in the city. Chowdowski more recently has taken on another challenge by teaming up with several partners, and finding other investors at a farmers market, to open a restaurant. In short order, it has won the gratitude of the local farmers whose produce the restaurant uses, as well as national recognition for culinary excellence.