Dewitt Park Farmers Market, Ithaca, New York

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

farmers market in Ithaca, NY

The Ithaca farmers markets are run by a cooperative representing over 125 growers and food producers, all located within the immediate vicinity of the town. Markets are held four days a week at two different locations. The largest of the markets, on Saturday, occupies a pavilion at Steamboat Landing. The smallest of the weekly markets is this one, in downtown Ithaca, at Dewitt Park.

The group’s Web site proclaims, “Our is not a ‘farmers market’ where vendors buy crates of broccoli from afar and repack it to sell to you. Every vendor who applies to join the market must have their products juried by a committee of their peers, to assure quality and originality.

And what they’re selling must be grown or crafted within 30 miles of Ithaca…That’s Local to the Max!”

– Mark Thompson

farmers market in Ithaca, NY

N. Cayuga St. and W. Buffalo
Ithaca, N.Y.
Tuesdays, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
(607) 273-7109

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What I Bought

gooseberries (top left), black currants (top right) and plums (below)
Price: $3/half pint for gooseberries and currants
$3/pint for plums


tomato, tomatillo and other items
(top) summer squash, speckled Roman tomato, tomatillo, lemon cucumber, zucchini; (left) purple cabbage
Price: $2/lb. for squash
$3/lb. for tomatillos
$2/lb. for lemon cukes
$3.50 lb. for tomatoes
$2/lb. for cabbage

garlic and garlic scapes
(right) garlic and garlic scapes
Price: $1.50 for garlic
$2/lb. for garlic scapes

Recipes: What to do with garlic scapes

torpedo onion, beet and fennel
(left) torpedo onion, beet, fennel
Price: $3/bunch of onions
$2.25/bunch of beets
$.75 fennel